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Socio-Cultural Center- Amman Hangout

Project Brief:

The project is a socio-cultural center and a public facility with the charachter of social integration for people specially young adults. this project aims to provide a space for art, education, leisure, culture &sport through its functions.


The selected site is located in Jordan, Amman city, Zahran area, Abdoun Land topography is semi flat. Site has a total area of 13.300 sqm It is located 4.8 Km away from the city center.

The location is in Abdoun, along Cairo Street which is a strategic location where it connects several key districts in mid Amman, surrounded by many attractions

Concept& Program:

The context requires to propose an attraction point and an energizing project socially and architecturally that could provide a space for people to hangout, specially young adults who seek places that gather most of their recreational needs and a destination for food and entertainment.

September 23, 2023
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